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Uploading Contacreast music

2009-02-16 14:34:03 by borgx

Hey newgrounds members, im uploading the music of DJ Contacreast now. becouse he creates very cool trancy songs :)

Hope you'l like them, and be sure to take a look to my favorite audio's for more good music!


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2009-02-16 20:42:08

Why doesn't he just get an account and upload his music?


2009-03-18 17:05:19

You give me a 1... I shall zero bomb your music everyday


2009-03-18 17:09:06

There we go I have pressed zero on all of them... Same again tommorow


2009-06-20 13:50:16

Enjoy your ban for music that isn't yours.


2010-03-04 13:46:53

Thanks. He is a good artist and i am friends with him on Youtube. he is a good person. Thnx for uploading his music dude


2011-05-21 07:56:45

I hope you got permission.


2011-06-15 19:36:52

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